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Our Topic – P5

We are learning about the incredible human body. Here are some comments

about our activities.

‘I think it’s fun’ – Susie                                     ‘I like the games we play’ – Heather

‘I’ve learned how my brain gets messages from other parts of my body and decides what to do’ – Kaylin

‘I can tell lots of facts about the body’ – Ciara

‘I enjoyed making the brain posters’ -Megan

‘I really enjoy doing  topic’ – Aedan

‘I’ve learned how blood goes round my body’ – Braelynne

‘I’ve enjoyed reading posters about how my body works’ – Lucy

‘I’ve learned how much the brain does’ – Isla

‘The Human Body topic is fun’ – Daniel

‘I enjoyed learning about the circulation’ – Bradley

‘ I know we’ve got 206 bones in our skeleton’ – Abby

‘I enjoy doing research about the body’ – Rian

‘We’ve got a model called Roddy the Body and you can take him apart and put him toether again!’ – Lauren

‘I liked learning about how my heart works’ – Shannon

‘I enjoyed doing the brain posters. I worked with Megan’ – Alisha

‘It’s quite exciting  because you don’t know what you’ll be learning next’ – Michael