Eco-committee 2017/18 are:

P1 – Emilie

P2 – Cooper

P3(A) – Sophie

P3(B) – Beth

P4 – Meghan

P5 – Ben

P6 – Emily

P7 – Kenzie and Rachael



January/February 2015
The Eco-Committee found that our Compost Caddies are being best used in the Staffroom and we are on average putting 3 compost caddies into the composter every few days to a week. We are going to weigh the caddies from the 6th of March to get a more accurate measure of how much we are composting!

January 2015
The Eco-Committee held its third Waste Audit in December and found that this year we have decreased the amount of waste that we are creating. We are now down to 13.0kg per year and this is slightly better than last time! Our next Waste Audit is in April 2015 and we are aiming to decrease this to 11.5kg per year!

Compost Bin Survey

Compost Bin Survey

Eco-Commitee Waste Audit Findings

Waste Audit Findings


The Eco-Committee have been working really hard to get their action plans finished and now we will work to complete all actions to be awarded our green flag award.

Waste Minimisation Action Plan


Litter Action Plan

Litter Action Plan


School Grounds Action Plan

School Grounds Action Plan


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