Head Teacher – Mrs Fiona McKellar

Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs Julie Fraser

Principal Teacher – Mrs Jennifer Tyronney

Principal Teacher – Miss Jayne Shaw

Childcare Manager – Mrs Morven MacDermid


P1A – Mrs Lorraine Innes

P1B – Miss Emma White

P2A – Miss Jane MacPherson/Mrs Julie Fraser DHT (Thurs)

P2B – Mrs Louisa Blaikie/Mrs Amber Simpson (Mon)

P3A – Ms Beata Bigus

P3B – Mrs Elaine Lynch

P4 – Mrs Judith Macleod

P5 – Mrs Judith Macleod

P5/6 – Miss Jayne Shaw PT

P6 – Mrs Jennifer Tyronney PT

P7 – Miss Cara Cruikshank-Ryan/Mrs Julie Fraser DHT (Tues)


Additional Support Needs Teacher – Mrs S MacAlpine

Additional Support Needs Teacher (Community) – Mrs Krista Munro

ASG Supply Cover Teacher  – vacant

PE Specialists – Mrs Aneta Smedra (Tues), Aileen Thomson /Ryan Mackintosh (Thurs)

CCR Cover – vacant

Management Cover – Mrs Amber Simpson

Visiting Strings Instructor – Mr David Hay

Visiting Woodwind Instructor – Ms Anna Aalders

Children’s Support Worker – Mrs Yvonne Docherty


Pupil Support Assistants:

Mrs Caroline Keiro-Kirk

Mrs Jennifer Duncan

Ms Rita O’Donohue

Mrs Alison DeVenny

Mrs Helen Gladstone

Mrs Maureen Clay

Mrs Elaine Farah

Mrs Sarah Gibson

Mrs Tina MacLean

Mrs Shona Brooman

Miss Nikki Sculthorpe



Ms Geraldine Gill                      Mrs Lorna Fair

Mrs Heather Hayes                    Miss Devon MacKenzie

Mrs Julie Edwards                     Miss Claire Stimpson

Mrs Florica Stewart                   Mrs Leanne Robertson

Miss Jacqueline Stocks              Mrs Tracy Urquhart

Mrs Lorna Ross                           Miss Claire Borthwick

Ms Gulmira MacDonald            Ms Christine Jarvie


Clerical Assistants – Miss Sarah-Jane Hood & Mrs Adele Jobes

FMA – Mr Gerald McDonald

Lunchtime Auxiliary – Mrs Dianne Farrer



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