Update from school 15 Jan

Please see attached an update from school and guidance from HC on remote learning.

Have a nice weekend away from technology!

Many thanks for all your hard work and support this week.

Kind regards

Faye Lingard

Key Worker places

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As you may know, Highland Council, last night, revised their guidelines for key workers.

Please look at appendix 1 of the letter attached. Both parents (if applicable) are required to fit the criteria for key worker places. The safest place for your child is at home and they should only be at school/nursery if both parents are working as key workers. In addition your child should only attend on the days that you are both working. Unfortunately this means that for many of our parents the places you have been offered will not be available.

Some of you have already contacted school to say that you wish your place to be removed. For everyone else can I please ask that you look at the questions below? If you still feel that you fit the criteria please email myself and Mrs Fraser with the answers to the questions below. Please note we need everyone who has already filled in a form to do this. Please respond by 9am tomorrow, Thursday 7th. Any places previously agreed will be honoured until Friday. We will call you tomorrow or Friday to let you know.

This is only for key worker parents. If you were contacted by school prior to the holidays your place remains and you do not need to reapply.

Which category of key worker are you – 1, 2, or 3?

  • If your partner/spouse is a key worker, what category are they in – 1, 2, or 3?
  • Is there anyone else who could stay with your young person at home – spouse, partner, older sibling, family member – yes/no?
  • Who is your employer (please provide contact details)?
  • Have you spoken to your employer about changing your shift patterns or work style to enable you to remain at home during the day – yes/no?
  • Do you need to continue to use Council provided Out of School care?
  • If you still need your child to be in school, will this be full time, part time or will it vary (depending on your work pattern)? Please note that the advice from the Scottish Government is that the safest place to be in the current situation is at home and if at all possible, Key Worker families should make arrangements to provide their own childcare rather than using school.