House Groups

In our school we have 4 House Groups. These are:

Bruce                 Douglas

Malcolm            Wallace

All pupils in our school belong to a House Group and they are led by two House Captains from P7 and a 2 Vice Captains from P6.

House Captains for 2017/18


Captains: Josie & Daniel

Vice Captain : Anna & Eljay


Captains:   Kelsey & Toni

Vice Captains: Harrison & John



Captains: Ollie & Taylor

Vice Captains: Chloe & Jessica


Captains: Lana & Jamie

Vice Captains: Girius & Chantelle

Winners 2017/18

Term 1 winners – Wallace

Term 2 winners – Malcolm

Term 3 winners – Wallace


  1. I love being a house captain
    It’s a good was to interact with pupils and to try get as many gottchas as we can

  2. I meant why not was

  3. It’s great being a house captain

  4. Just wondering are we going to update this part of the blog? 😀

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